This site is primarily designed to help students revise A level sociology. It focuses on families and households, education and research methods, global development and crime and deviance with theory and methods, AQA focus. Please use the links under the relevant page headings to browse the sub topics in each of these topics, or simply search the site using the search function!

Revise Sociology (live since February 2014) initially focused on bare-bones revision material purely for A level sociology, but I’ve since started to upload more in-depth material on a range of topics relevant to A level sociology, and on some topics which are of personal interest to me and are beyond the specification, so a better name for the blog might now be ‘investigating sociology’ or ‘learning/ teaching’ sociology, but I’m sticking with revise sociology: now I’m ‘up there’ for some Google search-returns, I really don’t want to fall back down the rankings again. Shallow, I know, which is ironic for a sociology blog, but there you go.

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Types of Blog Post on Revise Sociology

I generally write one of six types of post>

  1. Class notes – basically my teaching notes which aim to explain topics, perspectives. methods and and concepts within A level sociology using a range of examples. These posts also typically include links to videos and web sites where useful.
  2. Evaluative posts – these take a perspective, or a concept within A level sociology and evaluate their continued relevance (or not) to contemporary society.
  3. ‘Sociology in the News’/ ‘Sociology on T.V.’ – up to date posts applying sociology to contemporary events and T.V. shows.
  4. Revision notes – these are bare-bones revision notes,  broken down into manageable chunks and covering the A QA A level specification (for the options at the top of this page).
  5. Exam preparation type posts – these include information on the AS and A Level exams, general revision advice, hints on how to answer short answer, 10 mark and essay questions as well as essay plans.
  6. Other types of post – I’m with Edward Said on this – everyone needs an ‘other’.

Revision Resources for Sale 

Students and teachers alike might be interested in the following sociology revision resources:

Sources of Information I use to write this blog

The main sources of information I use to write the briefer revision posts on this blog are:

  • Haralambos and Holborn (2013) – Sociology Themes and Perspectives, Eighth Edition, Collins. ISBN-10: 0007597479
  • Chapman et al (2016) – A Level Sociology Student Book Two [Fourth Edition] Collins. ISBN-10: 0007597495
  • Chapman et al (2015) A Level Sociology Student Book One, Including AS Level [Fourth Edition], Collins. ISBN-10: 0007597479
  • Robb Webb et al (2016) AQA A Level Sociology Book 2, Napier Press. ISBN-10: 0954007921
  • Robb Webb et al (2015) AQA A Level Sociology Book 1, Napier Press. ISBN-10: 0954007913

For the longer posts I use a broader range of material, and cite these when I use them. 

Sociology and A Level Sociology – Disclaimer

I don’t set the agenda for A level sociology – its set by a combination of some people at the AQA (I’m not even sure who they are, exactly), and the main A-level sociology text book authors, which the examiners at the AQA use to double check their exam questions are reasonable. I don’t set the syllabus, I don’t write the text books, so I am not the one responsible for the fact that you still have know about dated studies such as Paul Willis’ 1977 study ‘Learning to Labour’, neither am I responsible for misrepresentations of various theorists in the main A-level text books – I know for a fact that many text books have over-simplified aspects of Paul Gilroy and Anthony Giddens to the point that they either make no sense, or are just wrong.

If you think something pointlessly dated, or just wrong, then please do comment, I’m sure it will make its way back to the A-level agenda-setters, and constructive comments should be welcomed by them!

About The author

I’ve taught A level sociology for 15 years, and worked as an examiner on all of the modules for the AQA, so trust me, I know what you need to know!

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The disclaimer below applies to this page, the whole blog and any individual blog posts!

The revision and exam advice is not endorsed by the AQA or any other A-level sociology exam board. The information and advice given is the author’s own interpretation and students use this at their own discretion.

Using this information should get you a decent grade, but is no guarantee of it, and it is advised that candidates read the AQA’s specification and exam advice thoroughly for themselves in preparation for their course of study and exam!

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  1. I have only just seen your site and believe that AS and Advanced Level students will find it really useful. Bearing in mind your intention to add one new item per day it is certainly a site to which students [and teachers] should regularly return . [I have added a link to your site from my site. Hope that is OK!]

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    I’m finding this website to be incredibly helpful for my Sociology studies, thank you!

  4. These notes are really helping with my Sociology A level studies, thank you!

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