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The Myth of Meritocracy and the Structure of Luck

This recent Thinking Allowed podcast summarises a recently published book –Success and Luck: Good Fortune and the Myth of Meritocracy by Robert H. Frank The key message of the book is that almost everyone who succeeds (in education, or business … Continue reading

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Educational Technology – Increasing Inequality and Other Potential Problems

Does the increasing use of educational technology enhance the ‘learning experience’ for learners, or does it just reinforce existing social problems such as inequality of educational outcomes? Personally I’m sceptical about the benefits of educational technology.  In its recent report, … Continue reading

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Grammar Schools – Arguments For and Against

Grammar schools have been in the news this week – Theresa May’s plans to reintroduce grammar schools is actually one of the most unpopular policies in her party  but despite this opposition, and more opposition from nearly everyone who knows anything … Continue reading

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White Working Class Underachievement

A recent parliamentary report has found that poor white boys and girls do worse in schools than children in other ethnic groups. How much worse do poor white children do? The report uses students who received free school meals (FSM … Continue reading

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AS and First Year A Level Sociology – Whole Course Overview

An overview of the entire course for AS and first year A level sociology covering the following ‘modules’: Education with applied research methods (‘methods in context‘) Research methods Families and Households. The overview below is taken directly from the AQA’s … Continue reading

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Education as a Strategy for International Development

What is the state of global education? What are the barriers to providing universal education for all, and how important is education as a strategy for international development and economic growth? Can western models of education work for developing countries, … Continue reading

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Is it worth doing a degree?

Is it worth spending £30+ K and three years of your life doing a degree? Executive Summary YES IT’S WORTH DOING A DEGREE – 80% of graduates will earn the same or more than the average for A-level leavers, at least … Continue reading

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Sociological Explanations of Educational Underachievement

This post attempts to demonstrate what sociology is by examining how the discipline approaches one particular issue – why some children do worse at school than others…from a sociological perspective, educational failure is not simply down to the individual! The … Continue reading

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The Privatisation of Education

Introduction: What is Privatisation? Privatisation is where services which were once owned and provided by the state are transferred to private companies, such as the transfer of educational assets and management to private companies, charities or religious institutions. The UK … Continue reading

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The Feminist Perspective on Education (UK Focus)

The Feminist perspective on Education Liberal Feminists celebrate the progress made so far in improving girls’ achievement. They essentially believe that the ‘Future is now Female’ and now that girls are outperforming boys in education, it is only a matter … Continue reading

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