Global Development

Why are some countries rich and others poor, and how can it be that so many people in the world are suffering from poverty, lack of education, lack of clean water, disease and war and conflict, while at the same time others in the world lives live of relative ease and comfort?

What if anything should and can rich and poor countries do to help the plight of the poorest, and is it actually possible for global humanity to manage and control the various global challenges we face – not only the immediate problems of poverty, hunger and disease, war and conflict, but human rights abuses and international migration, terrorism and other global crimes, and the environmental crisis?

Questions such as these form the basis of the most excellent second year sociology module in Global Development – which IMO is by far the most important module we should be teaching students – not that teaching about religion (although, actually, YAWN), or the media aren’t useful – I just think the questions dealt with in this module are not only more pressing, they are somehow more ‘properly sociological’ – Giddens, Beck and Bauman (and unlike most Sociology teachers I have actually read all of these in-depth, twice over) basically tell us that Sociology needs to reorientate itself to looking at global problems – That is now what defines late-modern sociology against Post-modernism.

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The Optimist View of Globalisation

The Pessimist View of Globalisation

The Transformationalist View of Globalisation

The Traditionalist View of Globalisation

Modernisation Theory

Dependency Theory

Evaluate explanations of development and underdevelopment put forward by dependency theorists – essay plan

World Systems Theory


People Centred Development

Sustainable Development

Evidence of the negative impacts Transnational Corporations have on Development


As a final word to teachers of A Level Sociology – I’m gonna put this out there – Global Development offers you the only chance on the whole syllabus to actually teach proper, contemporary sociology, rather than A-Levelled sociology. You should give it a go.