Evaluate Sociological Perspectives on Prison as a Form of Punishment (Essay Plan)

1. Functionalists would point to the positive functions prison might perform in society –Prison could act as a deterrent – thus reinforcing social regulation; and it should also work to maintain equilibrium and balance in our society – making up for the failings of other institutions such as the family and the education system – … Continue reading “Evaluate Sociological Perspectives on Prison as a Form of Punishment (Essay Plan)”


Sociological Perspectives on Social Policy

Social policy refers to the actions governments take in order to influence society, or to the actions opposition parties and ‘social movements’ (think Marxism and Feminism) propose to do if they were to gain power. This topic basically involves looking at perspectives on government policies The Positivist view of Sociology and Social Policy What is … Continue reading “Sociological Perspectives on Social Policy”

Good Sociology Sites

Some of the best web sites and other sources for keeping up to date with social trends, news and sociological research. Most of these are hub sites through which the latest sociological research is published and analysed. I’ve broken down my selection into into the following categories, and selected just 3-5 resources under each heading, … Continue reading “Good Sociology Sites”

The Sociology of Halloween 2019

Halloween’s not a huge deal in the United Kingdom, but it is still an annual festival/ ritual that everyone recognizes, and I imagine most people can relate to it having gone trick or treating as kid? At the very least you’ll likely be exposed to it via Strictly’s Halloween Special. Some stats on Halloween One … Continue reading “The Sociology of Halloween 2019”

Religion and Social Change

Does religion cause social change, or prevent it? Functionalists and Traditional Marxists have generally argued that religion prevents social change. Neo-Marxists and the Social Action theorist Max Weber have argued that religion can be a force for social change. There are wide variety of opinions with Feminist thought as to the relationship between religion and … Continue reading “Religion and Social Change”

Karen Armstrong – September 11th 2001, Islam and the West

Karen Armstrong argues that there is no inherent incompatibility between the Western and Islamic world, but sees economic and political factors as the main reasons for increasing tensions in recent decades. Armstrong’s arguments can be used to criticise Huntington’s ‘Clash of Civlizations’ thesis, which sees increasing conflict between different cultures/ religions as an inevitable outcome … Continue reading “Karen Armstrong – September 11th 2001, Islam and the West”

Beliefs in Society

Links to posts on sociological explanations of religion, science and ideology; the relationship between social change, stability, and religious beliefs, practices and organisations; religious organisations: cults, sects, denominations, churches and New Age movements; class, gender, ethnicity and religion; the significance of religion and religiosity in the contemporary world, including the nature and extent of secularisation; … Continue reading “Beliefs in Society”

Outline and explain two ways in which religion might promote social change

This is a suggested answer to the first type of 10 mark question you’ll find in section A of the AQA’s second sociology paper (paper 2, topics in sociology). For some general advice on how to answer (both types of) 10 mark questions – please see this post.  A 10 mark question (which has no … Continue reading “Outline and explain two ways in which religion might promote social change”

Good Sociology Books

I’m jiggling things about at the moment, this page was originally about sociology text books only, the material for which is still below, but I’m transforming it into a page about sociology reading more generally. It’s likely to broken up into the following sections:  Good books written by actual sociologists Good books with sociological content … Continue reading “Good Sociology Books”

An Introduction to Culture, Socialisation, and Social Norms

In sociology, it is essential to understand the social context in which human behaviour takes place – and this involves understanding the culture in which social action occurs. Culture is a very broad concept which encompasses the norms, values, customs, traditions, habits, skills, knowledge, beliefs and the whole way of life of a group of … Continue reading “An Introduction to Culture, Socialisation, and Social Norms”