A Level Sociology Crime and Deviance Revision Bundle


This Crime and Deviance Revision Bundle contains…

  • 12 exam practice questions including short answer, 10 mark and essay question exemplars.
  • 32 pages of revision notes covering the entire A-level sociology crime and deviance specification
  • Seven colour mind maps covering sociological perspective on crime and deviance

Written specifically for the AQA sociology A-level specification to the crime and deviance aspect of paper 7192/3: Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods



This zip file contains:

Mind maps:

These are in both PDF and PNG format.

  1. An overview of crime and deviance
  2. Functionalist and strain theories
  3. Subcultural theories of deviance
  4. Marxist theories of deviance
  5. The labelling theory of deviance
  6. Right realist theories of crime control
  7. Left realist theories of crime control.

Exam practice questions

4 and 6 Mark ‘Outline’ Questions

  • Outline three ways in which surveillance may be used to control crime in modern societies (6)
  • Outline three reasons why females are less likely to commit crime than males (6)
  • Outline three structural factors which may explain differences in offending by ethnicity (6)
  • Outline three ways in which Racism may manifest itself in the criminal justice system (6)
  • Outline two ways in which the media give a distorted view of crime (4)
  • Outline two sociological explanations of state crime (4)
  • Outline two reasons why people who commit ‘green crimes’ often do not get punished (4)

10 Mark ‘Analyse Using the Item’ Questions

  • Applying material from item A, analyse two ways in which crime has changed in response to postmodern society (10)
  • Applying material from item A, analyse two ways reasons for differences in patterns of crime by social class background (10)
  • Applying material from item A, analyse two reasons why some groups are more likely to be victims of crime than others (10)

30 Mark Essay Questions

  • Evaluate sociological perspectives on the relationship between globalisation and crime (30)
  • Evaluate the contribution to an understanding of crime and deviance of right and left realist approaches (30)
  • Evaluate the Contribution of Consensus Theory to Our Understanding of Crime and Deviance (30)

Revision notes

Topics broken down as follows:

  1. Consensus based theories part 1 – Functionalism; Social control’ theory; Strain theory
  2. Consensus based theories part 2 – Sub cultural theories
  3. The Traditional Marxist and Neo-Marxist perspective on crime
  4. Labelling Theory
  5. Left- Realist and Right-Realist Criminology (including situational, environmental and community crime prevention)
  6. Post-Modernism, Late-Modernism and Crime (Social change and crime)
  7. Sociological Perspectives on  controlling crime – the role of the community and policing in preventing crime
  8. Sociological Perspectives on Surveillance
  9. Sociological Perspectives on Punishment
  10. Social Class and Crime
  11. Ethnicity and Crime
  12. Gender and crime  (including Girl gangs and Rape and domestic violence)
  13. Victimology – Why are some people more likely to be criminals than others
  14. Global crime, State crime and Environmental crime (Green crime)
  15. The Media and Crime, including moral panics