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  • Religion and Age

    Religion and Age

    This post presents an examination of the relationship between religious belief, religious participation and age. Younger people tend to be less religious than older  people Recent (2018) research by PEW compared the religious beliefs and practices of 18-39 year olds with those aged 40 and over. They found that younger people are less religious than…

  • The relationship between ethnicity and religion in the UK

    According to the 2011 UK census, the religious breakdown of England and Wales was as follows: Christian – 59% No religion – 25% Muslim – 5% Hindu – 1.5% Sikh, Jewish, Buddhist, all <1% The relationship between ethnicity and religion Christianity is a predominately White religion, especially the Anglican church African forms of Christian spirituality…

  • The relationship between religion and social class

    The relationship between religion and social class

    The relationship between social class and religion is not straightforward: the middle classes are, in general, more likely to attend church, but they are also less likely to believe in God and more likely to be atheists and join both world affirming and world rejecting NRMs. The working classes are less likely to attend church,…

  • Evidence for Secularization

    Evidence for Secularization

    Secularization is the declining social significance of religion in society. The extent of secularization is usually ascertained (for the purposes of A-level sociology) by using three broad indicators: belonging, behaving, and belief, and there are numerous specific measures associated with each indicator. This post aims to provide brief revision notes on some of the contemporary…

  • What is the difference between science and religion?

    Science is empirical, open, evolving and objective, but is religion the opposite?