Tag: climate change

  • COP 27 – A Sociological Analysis

    COP 27 – where 198 nations met to discuss climate change and agreed to do very little about it!

  • Is the Environmental Crisis Built on Systemic Racism..?

    You’re more likely to live next to a waste incinerator in the UK if you’re black compared to if you’re white, and thus more likely to be breathing in toxic fumes. The same trend is also true globally: ‘people of colour’ living in the global south are more likely to suffer environmental harms associated with…

  • Global Warming and the threat to Human Development

    This post explores the extent to which Global Warming poses a threat to continued social and economic development. According to the latest data from Climate.gov global warming is currently causing sea levels to rise by 0.3 centimetres a year, which means that sea levels may have risen by up to 2.5 metres by 2100.  …