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  • Criticisms of Quantitative Research

    Bryman (2016) identifies four criticisms of quantitative research: Quantitative researchers fail to distinguish people and social institutions from the world of nature Schutz (1962) is the main critique here. Schutz and other phenomenologists accuse quantitative social researchers of treating the social world as if it were no different from the natural world. In so doing,…

  • Glencore – The World’s Worst Transnational Corporation?

    Glencore is one of the world’s largest commodities companies – it operates in 150 countries extracting natural resources such as iron and copper, but also has interests in  coal and oil, as well as numerous agricultural products. Glencore – key facts and stats It is registered in Switzerland Has £128 billion in assets (2015) Had…

  • Why IQ Tests May not Measure Intelligence

    The American psychologist Arthur Jensen (1973) defines intelligence as ‘abstract reasoning ability’ – the ability to discover the rules, patterns and logical principles underlying objects and events and the ability to apply these discoveries to solve problems. Intelligence is measured by intelligence tests such as IQ (Intelligence Quotient) tests which are designed to measure abstract…

  • Criticisms of the World Bank

    The world bank may harm development by forcing countries to pursue neoliberal polices such as privatisation in return for loans.

  • Eight Criticisms of the Traditional Marxist View of Society

    Capitalism and the class structure have changed since Marx’s day, and work is less alienating, and other criticisms!