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  • The cultural pessimist view of the new media

    Cultural pessimists point to the possible downsides of the New Media such as the rise of Fake News, domination of a few media companies, the rise of echo-chambers, the reinforcing of elite power and increasing commercialisation. Cultural pessimists criticise the cultural optimist view of new media. More information is not necessarily a good thing There…

  • Globalisation – Key Concepts and Definitions

    Selected definitions of key terms for A-level sociology students studying globalisation and global development. Americanisation Where American culture and values erodes traditional local cultures gradually replacing them. A term associated with global pessimism, it isn’t usually regarded as something positive! Communism An economic system in which the means of production are owned in common and…

  • Cultural Capital and Educational Achievement

    cultural capital is the skills, knowledge and values possessed by the middle class which give their children an advantage in education compared to the working classes.