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Sociology and Science – Some Key Terms

  Bias – where someone’s personal, subjective feelings or thoughts affect one’s judgement. Falsification – where scientists attempt to design experiments to disprove a hypothesis rather to prove a hypothesis correct. Generalisability – the extent to which research findings can … Continue reading

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Sociology of Education: 13 Key Concepts

Definitions and examples of 13 of the most important key terms for the A level sociology 7192 (1) exam, including the correspondence principal, meritocracy, privatisation, and lots more. These are 12 of the most fundamental concepts for the exam, which … Continue reading

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Families and Households – Top Ten Concepts

Definitions of some of the central key concepts for the A level Sociology families and households module. Not an exhaustive list, but to be gradually added to during 2017.  Birth Rate The number of babies born per thousand per year. … Continue reading

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Key Concepts for A Level Sociology – Crime and Deviance

A list of definitions of some of the key concepts relevant to the A level sociology crime and deviance module. Anomie Where modern social systems encourage excessive individualism – as a consequence there is a general lack of agreement around … Continue reading

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