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  • International Development – Glossary of Key Concepts

    Enrolment Ratio  The percentage  of children enrolled in school in a country Globalisation   The increasing connectedness between societies across the globe. Gross National Product  The total economic value of goods and services produced BY a country, both at home and abroad in the course of a year and available for consumption in the market…

  • A Level Sociology Key Terms – Families and Households

    A selected list of some of the most important key terms in AS Level and A Level Sociology – families and households. NB this is not an exhaustive list, just a starting point!  Bean Pole Family A family with a long, thin structure. For example, there might be 4 generations alive, but each generation hasn’t…

  • Sociology Concepts: Education

    Sociology Concepts: Education

    definitions of the key concepts for the A-level sociology of education module (AQA focus)