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  • Marxism and Culture

    Culture is what distinguishes humans from animals, but under Capitalism culture becomes a tool of the elite used to repress the masses. However, there is capacity for individuals to rise above false consciousness and usher in communism which is where the spontaneous production of culture can happen under free conditions.

  • What is Alienation?

    Capitalist production alienates workers from their products, their labour power, themselves and their own souls.

  • Postmodernism – An Introduction for A-level Sociology Students

    A summary of the work of three postmodern thinkers: Lyotard, Baudrillard and Bauman who argue that we need to think differently about the social world now we have moved out of the modernity.

  • Marxism – A Level Sociology Revision Notes

    Karl Marx and Louis Althusser are Modernist, Structural Conflict Theorists while Antonio Gramsci is  a Humanist Conflict Theorist. Karl Marx: Key Ideas Two classes – Bourgeois – Proletariat Relationship between them is Exploitation/ Surplus Value The Base (economy) determines the Superstructure (all other institutions) The ruling class have ideological control through the superstructure The proletariat…