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  • Does Peppa Pig Encourage Unnecessary G.P Visits?

    To what extent is Peppa Pig responsible for increasing strain on the NHS?

  • Why is the NHS in Crisis? Yes, it’s neoliberalism – AGAIN!

    The Daily Mail  and their Tory beneficiaries would have you think that the current crisis within the NHS are caused mainly by a combination of the following variables: Winter Viruses Inefficiency Immigrants Lazy Staff Drunks HOWEVER, this is not the case according to some more in-depth analysis by Ravi Jayaram, an NHS consultant (in The Guardian), who…

  • Stephen Hawking Against Neoliberalism!

    Stephen Hawking this week accused the Conservative government of damaging the NHS by slashing funding, weakening the health service though privatization, demoralizing staff by curbing pay and cutting social care support. Hawking blamed a raft of policies pursued since 2010 by the coalition and then the Conservatives for enfeebling the NHS and leaving it unable…