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A Level Sociology: 10 mark questions

There are two types of 10 mark question across the 3 A-level sociology exam papers: ‘outline and explain questions’ (no item) and ‘applying material from the item’ questions. Below is a nice wall-chart explaining the difference between them, adapted from … Continue reading

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Outline and explain two ways in which the family might be losing its functions (10)

A possible 10 mark (no item) question which could come up on the AQA’s A-level sociology paper 2: families and households, section A. One way is that other institutions, such as the work place and schools are taking over previous … Continue reading

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Analyse two reasons for gender differences in subject choice (10)

The trick here is to pick two broad (rather than very specific) reasons, which will give you the most scope to develop ┬áThe first reason is gendered differences in early socialisation Fiona Norman (1988) found that most parents socialise boys … Continue reading

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