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  • Sociological Perspectives on America’s Tough Love Teen Boot Camps

    Paris Hilton’s 2020 Documentary revealed how she had been the victim of parental and systemic abuse – following a somewhat chaotic adolescence in which she partied a lot her parents arranged for her to be kidnapped in the middle of the night and shipped off against her will to a ‘tough love bootcamp’ in the…

  • The world’s toughest prisons: Tucumbu in Paraguay

    Tucumbu Prison in Paraguay, South America, houses some of the most dangerous convicted criminals in the country. It is based in the middle of a slum, and is hideously underfunded and overcrowded – originally built to house just 800 inmates, it currently houses 4000. The prison features in a recent Netflix documentary series: Inside the…

  • Coronavirus Media Narratives

    While Coronavirus is no doubt a real-life event, with real-life social and (for an extreme minority tragic) individual consequences, it is also very much a media event, especially since isolation is correlated with a significant increase our media consumption with news sites especially seeing a surge in visits (U.S. data)… Social media usage (Facebook, Twitter,…

  • Why is the Italian Covid-19 Death Rate so High Compared to Other Countries?

    The Italian covid-19 mortality rate is so high because they record the number of people dying with the disease RATHER than deaths from the disease.

  • How do teachers teach ‘British Values’?

    most schools repackage British Values and teach them through what they are already teaching, very few use them to get students to think critically about what citizenship means!

  • What is Social Control?

    Social control refers to the mechanisms a society uses to get individuals to conform. This post covers sociological perspectives on social control such as Functionalism, Marxism and Interactionism

  • Education and social control

    How do schools try to control pupils? Some of the ways include academic surveillance, CCTV, teaching British Values. Prevent and the use of isolation units. It also explores how effective schools are as agents of social control.

  • The Marxist Perspective on Religion

    The Marxist Perspective on Religion

    Marx and Engels saw religion as a conservative force which prevented social change by creating false consciousness. This post summarises their key ideas and offers some supporting evidence and criticisms.

  • The State COULD be watching you: and other lessons from #Hunted

    In case you’ve been living in the dark-ages and missed it (like me) Hunted is a T.V. show in which ordinary individuals take on the role of fugitives on the run from ‘Hunters’ who take on the role of agents of the state (think of MI6 meets special ops). The latest C4 series kick-started with…

  • Big Data: Controlling its Use

    Changes in the way we interact and communicate lead to changes in the way we govern ourselves and just as with the invention of the printing press resulting in the evolution of copyright and libel laws, so the emergence of big data will result in new laws to govern the new ways in which this…