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Top Ten ‘Big Questions’ for A-Level Sociology Students

One way of introducing sociology is to introduce some the ‘big questions’ that sociologists asks. Here are just a few of them… To what extent is the individual shaped by society? Is there such a thing as a social structure … Continue reading

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Giddens’ Structuration Theory – A Summary

  Social Structure is also only ever the outcomes of practices which have previously happened, and it makes practices possible (the duality of structure), and it is not separate from action. Giddens rejects Positivism because of its mistaken search for … Continue reading

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Sociological Perspectives: The Basics

Sociological Perspectives in A Level Sociology Given that ‘society’ is complex and multi-layered, a key aspect of studying A-Level Sociology is being able to view society and social action through a number of different sociological perspectives, or lenses, because different … Continue reading

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Giddens’ Modernity and Self Identity – in 14 bullet points

A brief post covering the relationship between self and society in late-modernity according to Anthony Giddens, covering concepts such as Globalisation, abstract systems, ontological security, manufactured risks, narcissism and fundamentalism. This is very much my own reading of Giddens’ text … Continue reading

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