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  • How Poor People Survive in America

    Neoliberal policies in America over the last 30 years have led to massive economic inequalities. Policies such of tax cuts for the rich and restrictions in welfare spending mean that now even working people on relatively high incomes cannot afford rent in some of the more expensive areas of America, such as California. As a […]

  • The New Rulers of the World – A Summary

    The New Rulers of the World (2001) by John Pilger provides a good example of a Dependency Theory analysis of the consequences of neoliberal globalisation, focusing on Indonesia as a case study. The fact that this is a dependency view of development is quite clear from John Pilger’s own summary of the documentary: “There’s no difference […]

  • America – A Less Developed Country?

    The United States ranks either at the top, or very near the top on several of the main development indicators used by the World Bank and the United Nations, but if you look more closely you find that the United States might not be so ‘developed’ after all. This post starts out by exploring the seemingly […]