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  • Methods in Context Essay Template

    A suggested template for the Methods in Context Question on one of the AQA’s 7191 (1)education and methods in context sample exam papers – the template should work for most Method in Context questions, but it won’t work for all of them (it’ll fit less well for secondary data MIC questions) Question: 06 Read Item […]

  • Family Diversity – Sub Topics, Key Concepts and Short Answer Questions

    An overview of topic 3: the family household and diversity topic within AS Sociology (my own version of how I break up this massive topic!) Since the 1960s, post-modern society has been characterised by an increasing amount of family diversity, and this topic looks at how families and households have become more diverse, why they […]

  • The Feminist Perspective on Education (UK Focus)

    The Feminist perspective on Education Liberal Feminists celebrate the progress made so far in improving girls’ achievement. They essentially believe that the ‘Future is now Female’ and now that girls are outperforming boys in education, it is only a matter of time until more women move into politics and higher paid, managerial roles at work. […]