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How much more will I earn if I do a degree?

At age 29 male graduates earn £13K more per year than those with 5*-Cs without a degree while women earn £10K per annum more. Look at another way, this means that a degree should pay for itself after just four … Continue reading

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Coalition Education Policy (2010-2015)

In May 2010 the Conservative-Liberal Democratic Coalition government came to power. The Conservatives were the more dominant party and their views were correspondingly more strongly represented in educational policy. An ideological commitment to cutting public spending framed Coalition policy more … Continue reading

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Is it worth doing a degree?

Is it worth spending £30, 000 or more and three years of your life doing a degree? If we limit our analysis to purely financial considerations and if we focus on ‘median earnings’ – then yes, on average, it is definitely still worth doing … Continue reading

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