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  • Free School Meals for All London Pupils

    All primary pupils in London schools are going to get Free School Meals from September 2023 according to an announcement from the Mayor of London on Monday. This new policy will cost £130 million, save the average family £440 a year and benefit around 270 000 children. In an interview on Radio 4’s Today programme…

  • School league tables changing to include exam results of excluded pupils

    School league tables are  changing so that they include the exam results of schools’ excluded pupils. This social policy is designed to discourage schools from excluding potentially low-performing students with the intention of improving their exam results on paper. Along with data on formally excluded pupils schools will also have to included data on off-rolled…

  • What are the most valuable degrees?

    What are the most valuable degrees?

    The most valuable degree you can do is economics, and the least valuable is health and social care.  At least according to the latest research by the IFS on the impact of Higher Education on future earnings.  The table below compares earnings at age 29 of female graduates compared to non graduates for different subject…

  • The effect of private schools on future income

    The effect of private schools on future income

    Men who went to a private school* go on to earn 78% more at age 29 than men who come from the lowest ‘social class’ quintile.  Women who went to a private school* go on to earn 100% more at age 29 than women from the lowest ‘social class’ quintile. By age 29, men who…

  • School Types in England and Wales – Statistical Overview…

    As of 2017, there were over 250 000 children in ‘Converter Academies’, 86, 000 students in sponsored academies, and 170 000 students in LEA maintained schools. This that in 2017 there were twice as many students in converter and sponsored academies combined as there are in LEA funded mainstream schools…. Free Schools, meanwhile, cater to…

  • The Hidden Curriculum and School Ethos

    The Hidden Curriculum is the unwritten rules, norms and values to which students are expected to conform while in school.

  • Pupil Subcultures

    A summary of some sociological studies on pupil subcultures exploring different types of subculture such as pro-school and anti-school subcultures.

  • Durkheim’s Perspective on Education

    Durkheim’s Perspective on Education

    Emile Durkheim argued that schools were essential for ‘imprinting’ shared social values into the minds of children. He believed schools would play a central role in forming modern societies.