Good Sociology Sites

There are simply too many good Sociology web sites to limit myself to a blog roll! The sites below are just a few to kick start this page (mid April 2016) and I’ll update as I go. If a site isn’t here it doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t rate it, it could mean I haven’t come across it, or I just haven’t found the time to link to it!

For Starters – The Exam Board 

Before starting to revise please do check out the The AQA Specification (for Sociology!) – checking out what the exam board thinks you need to know is a good starting point for any student of A level Sociology. The AQA isn’t the only exam board, but it’s the major one and the one I teach, hence the one this site focuses on. NB the exam board doesn’t actually give you that much detail about what you need to know – so you should check out the content of the major text books – this is what they use to set the exam questions!

Good sources catering to A level Sociology Students which focus mainly on Sociology

Chris Livsey’s Sociology Central has some excellent teaching notes – in text book style. NB The site mainly focuses on full text rather than revision resources. A very good site, and quite entertaining if you click around enough. This was one of the first web sites to go online, so it’s a bit old-school, but still useful.

The Earlham Sociology Pages contains an enormous amount of material for Sociology and Government and Politics students – some of the pages are very in-depth, so probably best used as a source of extension work.

Twynham Sociology has some useful revision diagrams and podcasts, although some the former have been designed for the old-style of exam-questions so watch out for that!

Steve Basset’s YouTube channel is the place to go for some excellent podcasts on a range of topics within Sociology – The downside of the playlist is that Steve teaches mainly minority options’ which most students don’t study! But what’s there is excellent – especially good on the theories of development (Modernisation Theory etc.), and all students could make good use of his introductory materials on sociological perspectives

Sociology sections of ‘generic revision sites’

I’m a bit of a purist, so I do prefer material that’s put online by dedicated Sociology teachers – however, there are some useful materials on yer generic revision sites – S-Cool and the like, so use these if you prefer. NB a lot of the material below is just copied straight out of text books – so you can’t go far wrong with it (well, at least no wronger than what’s in said text books, which isn’t necessarily always that right). 

The Sociology section of ‘Get Revising’ which is part of the student room has a range of resources – from class notes to mind-maps – uploaded by a range of people, so the quality isn’t standardised, but there is a lot of material, and some useful stuff in there!

The Sociology section of S-Cool has some OK basic revision resources – but it doesn’t cover the whole specification anywhere near comprehensively and it’s a bit basic, but a good starting point if you want the basics!

The History Learning Site – I have to begrudgingly admit that this has some useful material on it as it’s pitched at a nice level for A level students – the reason I begrudge it is because whoever writes the sociology material seems to have copied out a dated (as in 20 years old) text book which is ironically useful because the exam board’s specification is also set 20 years in the past. Honestly, you couldn’t write the script, well I couldn’t because I actually live in the present.

Good sources for further reading/ research 

Thinking Allowed – this is a weekly broadcast/ podcast by radio four which typically focuses on two pieces of recent sociological research. Of particular interest are the annnual ethnography awards – which outline some of the best recent ethnographic studies done in the UK and abroad on a range of topics.


Good sites for Class, Gender and Ethnic Inequalities

The Equality and Human Rights Commission