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Last Updated on March 12, 2019 by Karl Thompson

This Privacy Notice explains how collects, processes and discloses visitors’ data.

The main ways you are likely to provide data when visiting are through interacting via features such as comments, “likes,” poll/survey responses, and follows, as well as through purchasing products from my store powered by WooCommerce.

Information collects about visitors

The most common ways a visitor will directly provide information to are:

  • Follower and Subscriber Information:When you sign up to follow or subscribe to, we typically collect your email address, and your name, if you provide it.
  • Site Comments:When you leave a comment on, we collect that comment, and other information you provide along with the comment, such as your your name and email address.
  • Crowdsignal Survey Responses:When you complete a poll, quiz, or other type of survey prepared by a User via, we collect your responses to those surveys, and other information that you provide, such as an e-mail address.
  • Order and Shipment Information:If you order something through (via WooCommerce Services), we may collect information to process that order, such as credit card and billing information, and an address for shipping the package and calculating applicable taxes. may also use this data to help with analytics information about the products sold (e.g., the number of orders from particular geographic areas). will not use this data for marketing or any other purposes.
  • Other Information Entered on the Site: may also collect other information that a visitor enters on the Site–such as a contact form submission, a search query, or Site registration. 

How uses visitor Information

ReviseSociology will only use and share information that has been aggregated or reasonably de-identified, so that the information could not reasonably be used to identify any individual. This will only be used for analytical purposes.

How will share visitor Information will not share your personal data with third parties for any reason.

ReviseSociology is powered by

Please see’s own privacy policy for how they further may use the data you provide to

Cookies Policy 

This website also uses cookies, which mainly allow ads to be targeted to you. If you click on the ‘accept and close’ button on the cookies banner, this will simply mean you’ll get targeted rather than general ads. This blog’s cookie’s policy is also in line with WordPress’ cookies policy which you can find via their privacy policy link above.

Removal of personal data

If you have ever subscribed or commented on this blog and would like your personal data remove, please contact me using the form below