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  • Social Policy and Sociology Summary

    Social Policy may be defined as actions the government carries out, or actions political parties propose to do,  in order to exert an influence over a specific area of social life, such as education, the family, or society more generally – such as policies concerning taxation and wealth distribution. This posts consists of a summary of Sociological…

  • Sociological Perspectives on Social Policy

    Social policy refers to the actions governments take in order to influence society, or to the actions opposition parties and ‘social movements’ (think Marxism and Feminism) propose to do if they were to gain power. This topic basically involves looking at perspectives on government policies The Positivist view of Sociology and Social Policy What is…

  • Sociological Perspectives on Social Policy and the Family

    Sociological Perspectives influence ideas about social policies. Views range from the New Right who believe in policies to support the traditional nuclear family to Radical Feminists, some of whom argue for the abolition of the nuclear family.

  • Social Policy and The Family

    How do social policies affect family life?

  • How do Social Policies Affect Family Life?

    A short video I put together covering policies such as the One Child Policy, Welfare Benefits and Child Protection Laws

  • Evaluate Sociological Perspectives on Vocational Education (30)

    Evaluations in italics! Vocational Education refers to teaching people the specific knowledge and skills to prepare them for a particular career. Vocational Education can either be on the job training – such as with apprenticeships, or courses focused on a particular career in a college (typically 16-19). The New Right introduced Vocational Educational in the…

  • New Labour and Education Policy

    There are three main strands to New Labour’s Education Policies – Raising standards – which essentially meant building on what the New Right had done previously Increasing diversity and choice within education Improving equality of opportunity 1. New Labour Policies designed to Improve Standards Class sizes – were reduced to 30 Literacy and Numeracy Hour…