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The Delhi Smog – A Consequence of Neoliberal Development?

A test match between India and Sri Lanka had to be repeatedly halted on Sunday because of the smog enveloping Delhi. The Sri-Lankan team took the field after the lunch break wearing face masks, and play was halted for consultation … Continue reading

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Kahoot for teaching A-level sociology

Kahoot is an online quizzing platform which allows teachers to create multiple choice quizzes which can be played in-class by students, who access the quiz on a mobile device. Students need to go to and need a pin (unique to each quiz, … Continue reading

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Trump’s Tweets…

Donald Trump’s recent retweets of inflammatory anti-Muslim videos posted by the far right group ‘Britain First’ sparked outrage last week, a row which intensified when Theresa May said it was wrong for him to do so, which in turn prompted … Continue reading

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How will Big Data Change Social Research?

Big data will change the nature of social research –  more data will do away with the need for sampling (and eradicated the biases that emerge with sampling); big data analysis will be messier, but this will lead to more … Continue reading

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Where’s Our Aid Money Gone?

UK Development aid intended to maintain stability in Northern Syria has apparently ended up in the hands I Jihadists who abuse human rights. This is according to a recent BBC Panorama documentary, which aired this Monday. The problem seemed to … Continue reading

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What is an Indicator?

An indicator provides a measure of a concept, and is typically used in quantitative research. It is useful to distinguish between an indicator and a measure: Measures refer to things that can be relatively unambiguously counted, such as personal income, … Continue reading

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Assess the view that western models of education are not appropriate to developing countries (20)

Overview plan What are Western Models of Education? What are the arguments and evidence for western models being appropriate to developing countries? What are the arguments and evidence against/ what other models might be appropriate? Conclusion – when might Western … Continue reading

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Will E-learning Platforms change Education?

Big data enthusiasts argue that the greater data collection and analysis potential provided by e-learning platforms such as Khan Academy and Udacity provide much more immediate feedback to students about how they learn, and they thus predict a future in … Continue reading

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Socrative for Teaching and Learning A-Level Sociology

Socrative is a real-time feedback learning-tool which allows teachers to quickly produce multiple choice, true/ false or open ended questions in order to assess student understanding. Personally I think Socrative is the most useful online learning tool available to teachers … Continue reading

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How will Big Data Change Education?

Big Data will make Feedback more focussed on effective teaching rather than student progress, it will make learning more individualised, and it will enable us to make probabilistic predictions about what programmes are best for different students. This is according  … Continue reading

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