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  • Conceptualizing Family Diversity

    Both Functionalist and Marxist Sociologists theorised that the nuclear family was central to most people’s experiences in modern industrial society. However, recent research has suggested that postmodern societies are characterised by a plurality, or diversity, of household and family types, and so the idea of a dominant or normal family type is now misleading. The…

  • What is Individualisation?

    where individuals are forced to spend more time and effort deciding on what choices to make.

  • Chas and Dave on Modern Relationships

    Chas and Dave may not realise it, but I think many of their songs demonstrate how their (working class male) experience of the shift in gender-relations and the emergence of the pure relationship hasn’t been a comfortable one… ‘London Girls’ seems to be a a clear indication of what they want in a woman….a simple,…