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  • School league tables changing to include exam results of excluded pupils

    School league tables are  changing so that they include the exam results of schools’ excluded pupils. This social policy is designed to discourage schools from excluding potentially low-performing students with the intention of improving their exam results on paper. Along with data on formally excluded pupils schools will also have to included data on off-rolled…

  • Are League Tables Good for Education?

    The New Right introduced league tables into the UK education system in 1988, and today they are part of the ‘education furniture’, but what are the pros and cons? Arguments and evidence that league tables have benefitted education Politicians say that accountability keeps the teaching profession on its toes and drives up standards. According to…

  • The New Right’s View of Education

    The New Right created an education market in the United Kingdom from 1988 through introducing league tables and formula funding, among other education policies.