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  • Paranoid Parenting

    In 2001, Professor Frank Furedi wrote ‘Paranoid Parenting’, arguing that a ‘culture of fear’ pervades parenting today, with parents perceiving their children as vulnerable, and as being perpetually at risk from several threats: from strangers, traffic, toys, and from the threat of falling behind in their development. Parenting today has become an ordeal in which…

  • On the hypocritical parenting of tech billionnaires

    On the hypocritical parenting of tech billionnaires

    Given the trend towards toxic childhood, it should come as no surprise that young children are being increasingly exposed to technologies such as iPads as part of very early socialisation, and it should be no more surprising that such exposure is having an effect on children’s behaviour. Some small children have been spotted by teachers…

  • The 1988 Education Reform Act

    The New Right’s 1988 Education Act introduced marketisation to British schools, through league tables and open enrolment. This post explores some of the strengths and limitations of these policies.

  • Assess the View that the Family has Become More Child Centred (20)

    The view in the question is associated with the ‘March of Progress view’ of childhood – that society and the family have both become more child centred. Four possible points for the view in the question Point 1 – Child welfare policies protect children in the family – Laws prevent them from working, children MUST…