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  • Radical Feminist Perspectives on Religion

    Radical Feminist Perspectives on Religion

    Radical Feminists emphasize the patriarchal nature of some mainstream religions such as Catholicism and Islam. They argue that such religions have developed in patriarchal societies and have been ‘hijacked’ by men. Men have interpreted religious doctrines in order to justify their positions of power. Radical Feminists also believe that religion often serves to compensate women…

  • Nawal El Saadawi: The Hidden Face of Eve

    Nawal El Saadawi: The Hidden Face of Eve

    Feminist El Saadawi argues that neither Islam in particular or religion in general are oppressive to women, but they become so when the develop within already existing patriarchal social structures

  • Feminist Perspectives on Religion: Karen Armstrong

    Feminist Karen Armstrong argued that women were central to many spiritual traditions in early history. She pointed out that in early history, there were very few effigies of male gods, while symbolic representations of the ‘Great Mother Goddess’ were numerous. In the Middle East, Asia and Europe, for example, archaeologists have uncovered numerous symbols of…

  • Mary Daly’s Perspective on Religion

    Mary Daly’s Perspective on Religion

    Feminist Mary Daly argued that Christianity was a set of patriarchal myths. She was heavily inspired by Simon de Beavoir. Mary Daly theorised that women were part of a ‘planetary sexual caste system’ which was patriarchal and exploitative of women. She saw this religious patriarchy as being maintained in a number of ways: The early Catholic…

  • What is Patriarchy?

    Working definition The systematic domination of women by men in some or all of society’s spheres and institutions Origins of the Concept  Ideas of male dominance have a very long history, with many religions presenting it as natural and necessary. The first theoretical account of patriarchy is found in Engels theory of women’s subservience under…

  • Feminist Theory for A Level Sociology: An Introduction

    This is a very brief introduction for first year A-level Sociology Students… Inequality between men and women is the most significant form of inequality Anthropological evidence demonstrates that inequalities between men and women exist in every single society in human history, and in most of these societies women have an inferior social status to men.…

  • Feminist Theory: A Summary for A-Level Sociology

    This post summarises the differences between Liberal, Marxist, Radical and Difference (Postmodern) Feminists. It covers what they believe the causes of gender inequalities to be and what should be done to tackle these inequalities and male power in society.

  • Sylvia Walby: Six Structures of Patriarchy

    Wallby’s six structures of patriarchy are paid work, household production, culture, sexuality, violence and the state.