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  • Research Methods – Top Ten Key Terms for A Level Sociology Students

    Definitions of the most important concepts you need to know for A Level Sociology research methods. Start with these and then move on to learning the more comprehensive list of concepts. NB – There are actually 14 concepts below! NB If you want the full list of concepts then you’ll find that here: Research Methods…

  • Feminist Perspectives on Society – A Summary Grid

    Topic Area Summary A2 Main Ideas Feminism the Basics: Gender inequality primary lens for analysis Gender is socially constructed Patriarchy is one of the root causes of sex inequalities Feminism is a political movement Liberal Feminism Socialisation main cause, not structures What change within the system Seek to eradicate discrimination and stereotyping Radical Feminism The…

  • The Functionalist Perspective – Class Notes for A Level Sociology

    The key ideas of Functionalism include social structure, scientific research methods to find the general laws of society, socialisation and social solidarity to prevent anomie, the organic analogy and social evolution.

  • Sociological Perspectives on Single Person Households

    Why are increasing numbers of people all over the world living alone? (Scroll down for a video summary) According to a recent book by Eric Klinenberg: Explaining the Rise of Solo Living, this is a global phenomenon and mainly reflects the increasing degree of individual choice that comes with increasing wealth. A review of the…

  • Field Experiments in sociology

    The practical, ethical and theoretical strengths and limitations of field experiments in comparison to lab experiments, relevant to sociology.