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  • Sociological Perspectives on HS2

    Sociological perspectives on HS2 – functionalism, marxism, interactionism, feminism and post-late modernism.

  • Strictly Sociological

    Who doesn’t love a bit of Strictly Come Dancing? But if this years Strictly judges were sociologists, what perspective would they represent? Marxist Craig Revel Horwood The most critical judge, who doesn’t mind speaking the truth even when it makes him unpopular. The closest thing to a Marxist on Strictly, in the loosest possible sense…

  • Sociological Perspectives on Social Policy and the Family

    Sociological Perspectives influence ideas about social policies. Views range from the New Right who believe in policies to support the traditional nuclear family to Radical Feminists, some of whom argue for the abolition of the nuclear family.

  • A Radical Feminist Perspective on the Family

    A Radical Feminist Perspective on the Family

    Radical feminists see society as patriarchal – a simple definition of patriarchy is provided by the London Feminist Network – ‘Patriarchy refers to a society in which there are unequal power relations between women and men whereby women are systematically disadvantaged and oppressed’. Most radical feminists see the family as a important in maintaining male power.…