Functionalist, Marxist and New Right Perspectives on Education

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A brief video I put together to help revise the Functionalist, Marxist and New Right Perspectives on Education – basically just some key points and evaluations for each of these sociological theories.

Functionalism – Social solidarity, skills for work, bridge between home and society, role allocation and meritocracy

Marxism – The reproduction and legitimation of class inequality and the correspondence principle

The New Right – Marketisation, league tables, the National Curriculum and New Vocationalism

The slide show goes through each perspective three times – each repeat has less information. The idea is that you can test yourself as you go….. It’s deliberately designed to be ‘no frills’ btw!

Functionalist, Marxist and New Right Perspectives on Education: Test Yourself…

Once you’ve reviewed the above video you might like to test yourself with the Quizlet below…!


This material has been written specifically for A-level sociology students revising for the A-level sociology AQA exam, the education topic which is part of Paper 1 (SCLY1)

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4 thoughts on “Functionalist, Marxist and New Right Perspectives on Education”

  1. You could always use the ‘pause’ button. Press the symbol which looks like speech marks (“) while the video is playing, it will stop (‘pause’) until you click the play button again.

    Word of warning though, you might find the instructions in the A level sociology exams somewhat more difficult to follow.

  2. The worse video ive ever watched. Does not give time to read whats on the screen before skipping onto next subject…

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