Is Britain Racist?

Just a round up of some relatively recent evidence of discrimination against ethnic minorities in the U.K. (and the odd stat from the USA!)

  1. 50% increase in unemployment for young ethnic minorities – have the coalition abandoned 16-24 year old black and Asian youth?
  2. Ethnic minorities face barriers to employment, despite having better qualifications (Guardian article 2014)
  3. The fake CV experiment – suggests UK employers are racist (Guardian summary of a field experiment)
  4. David is more likely he hired than Dante – Summaries of experiments which suggests racial bias is strong in the USA (YouTube video)
  5. Wave of Hate Crime following Brexit (Independent article – 2016)
  6. Black people are 17 times more likely than white people to be diagnosed with a mental illness. Furthermore, 56 percent of Black inpatients in mental health units have been sectioned, more than any other ethnic group, and they much less likely to receive talking treatment but higher doses of medication.

According to psychologist Malcolm Phillips this is because black people are more likely to be seen as a threat and thus given a more serious diagnosis, and thus more likely to be sectioned and forcibly medicated.

This issue is explored in more depth in the BBC3 documentary ‘Being Black, Going Crazy‘. (iplayer link – only available until February 2017)


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