How I would’ve answered the AQA A level sociology topics exam, June 2018, section B: global development

A few hints and tips on how I would have answered yesterday’s sociology exam.

Last Updated on June 13, 2018 by Karl Thompson

Answers to the AQA’s A-level sociology (7192/2) ‘topics’ exam: global development section B only. Just a few thoughts to put students out of their misery. (Ideas my own, not endorsed by the AQA)

I won’t produce the exact questions below, mainly because I haven’t actually seen the paper at time of writing, just the gist…based on what some of the students said immediately afterwards. Check back tomorrow for the updated, more precise version!

So NB – the actual questions may have been slightly different!

Q04: Outline and explain two ways in which development aid might promote gender equality (10)

I would have gone for two very basic ‘topic based’ areas to start: something about aid and improving women’s health and the knock on effects, and then something about women’s education, linked to work.

Q05: Analyse two things to do with cultural globalisation. 

Obviously I need to see the item to comment fully, but I’m going to assume that the item allows you to develop one point using optimism versus pessimism and then another contrasting transformationalism with traditionalism.

Q06: Evaluate Dependency theory essay

Easy: just use this plan, obviously modify according to the item!

NB – It’s a bit weird having to do this blind, but please do check back later tomo for the new and improved updated version, and a few comments on the good ole’ families and households section.







5 thoughts on “How I would’ve answered the AQA A level sociology topics exam, June 2018, section B: global development”

  1. Unfortunately the exam questions don’t really allow you too much leeway to do your own thing, there are boxes you need to tick to get up grade boundaries!

  2. I’m learning about some sociologists (Karl Marx, Lombroso, Jane Addams etc) and sociological documentaries like ‘the Florida project’ and I didn’t realise how dull all the essay questions are in aqa sociology, very disappointed. U know I’m going to work round every corner to liven up my essays now 😂.
    I forget they’d be so terminology based which is slightly inconsiderate but nvm.
    And I suppose they can only go so in-depth with certain aspects such as the stance of Marxism and causes of crime like anthropology, then poverty.
    Realising how much I never thought about anything…

  3. Hi – yes – they’ll be forthcoming in the next couple of days

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