On the unrealistic expectations of GCSE and/ or A-level students?

Last Updated on July 9, 2018 by Karl Thompson

People(*) are more 10 times more interested in ‘how to get an A* or an A grade’ than in ‘how to get a B or C grade’…. at least according to the following comparison of Google searches between April 2017 and March 2018 (I’m being a bit lazy here, sitting on a train trawling my drafts for an easy post!)

How to get an A

This is especially depressing since students are approximately 3* less likely to get an A/A* than they are a B/C grade….

How many people get an A in sociology.png

So students may be ‘aiming high’, but most of them won’t get there!

(*I assume students, but I don’t know that for certain, because the above data tells us nothing about who is searching for such information!)


A-level results breakdown – from Schoolsweek

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