Sociology twitter feed following the Paper 1 A-level exam….

I did a quick Twitter search for ‘sociology’ after the recent A-level sociology exam to get the sentiment, seems positive enough….

Mostly Happy Tweets…

First of the block is maybe a little rude, but none the less conveys a very positive exam experience…

And lots of happy gifs…

Love this one especially…

A few unhappy tweets

And some complaints about some naughty guy apparently making predictions on Twitter recently.

Only a fool would make predictions, but it takes a bigger fool to listen to them!

And within 30 mins, a link to a student room thread to the 6 questions:

Outline 2 – selecting pupils (4)

Outline 3 – reasons why school is similar to the workplace (6)

Applying material from Item A, analyse two – implications of these things on pupil’s identity (10)

Applying material from Item B and your knowledge, evaluate – educational achievement and ethnic identity (30)

Applying material from Item C and your knowledge of research methods, evaluate the strengths and limitations of – written questionnaires and parent’s impact on child’s education (20)

Outline and explain two – disadvantages of using personal documents (10)

(source –

Final thoughts…

OK – so Twitter’s not representative – and of course you’re more likely to tweet if you’ve got something positive to say, AND twitter does tend to attract the more intelligent, so two reasons why ‘exam went well posts’ are going to feature more.

So this post is just a bit of fun, I’ve always liked Twitter, and I do find the post exam Gifs MOST entertaining!

Congratulations if you think you did well, and if you think you did not so well, there’s two papers left to make up for it, and even if you fail, it could be the best thing that ever happened to you, it just might take you a few years to realise it!

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