Category: Neoliberalism and The New Right

  • Sociology in the News (2)

    Application of sociology to a few recent news events. 1. The Death of the Duke of Westminster Following the death of his father, the new Duke of Westminster has inherited a £9 bn fortune – making him the third richest person in Britain. This is clearly relevant to sociology in lots of ways – Firstly,…

  • Neoliberalism and The New Right – An Introduction

    Neoliberalism is an economic theory that believes free-market principles are the best way to organise society. The New Right is a political movement in the UK which has applied neoliberal thinking to social policies from 1979 to the present day.

  • Functionalist, Marxist and New Right Perspectives on Education

    A brief video I put together to help revise the Functionalist, Marxist and New Right Perspectives on Education – basically just some key points and evaluations for each of these sociological theories. Functionalism – Social solidarity, skills for work, bridge between home and society, role allocation and meritocracy Marxism – The reproduction and legitimation of…

  • The New Right’s View of Education

    The New Right created an education market in the United Kingdom from 1988 through introducing league tables and formula funding, among other education policies.

  • The New Right View of the Family

    The New Right believe the traditional nuclear family is the ideal type of family. They support social policies which encourage nuclear families – they are pro marriage and against benefits for single mothers.