Category: Race and Ethnicity

  • Left Realist Explanations for Ethnic Differences in Crime

    Left Realists, Lea and Young suggest that ethnic minorities are disadvantaged in comparison with other groups in society, and this is especially true for young black males who have much higher levels of unemployment. In comparison with their peers from other ethnic groups, they are much less likely to be successful in the labour market…

  • Ethnicity and Crime: The Role of Cultural Factors

    Some Sociologists have suggested that cultural differences, especially differences in family life, may be responsible for underlying differences in offending between ethnic groups. Single Parent Families are more common among African-Caribbean Families, which may be related to higher rates of crime In 2007 Almost half the black children in Britain were being raised by single parents.…

  • Official Statistics on Ethnicity and Crime

    A summary of how ethnic minorities are over-represented at different stages of the criminal ‘justice’ process in England and Wales

  • What is Racism?

    Racism is discrimination based on the idea that some groups are biologically superior to others.