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Karen Armstrong – September 11th 2001, Islam and the West

Karen Armstrong argues that there is no inherent incompatibility between the Western and Islamic world, but sees economic and political factors as the main reasons for increasing tensions in recent decades. Armstrong’s arguments can be used to criticise Huntington’s ‘Clash … Continue reading

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The causes of Fundamentalism

Steve Bruce argues that the main causes of Fundamentalism are modernisation and secularisation, but we also need to consider the nature of the religions themselves and a range of ‘external factors’ to fully explain the growth of fundamentalist movements. Modernisation … Continue reading

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What is Religious Fundamentalism?

The early 21st Century has seen the rise of various Fundamentalist groups, for example: The increasing influence of the New Religious Right in the United States The rise of Zionism in Israel The rise of Islamic Fundamentalism in Saudi Arabia, … Continue reading

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