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  • The Neoliberal Perspective on Education

    Neoliberalism holds that education systems should be run according to free market principles. Neoliberals believe that education should be privatised both endogenously and exogenously, parents and students given more choice and voice and they also advocate for more top down surveillance and performance management.

  • China’s Anti-Privatisation and Anti-Global Education Policy Changes

    China recently banned for-profit tutoring after school for 5-15 year olds. This means that private companies who charge parents for tutoring their children can no longer operate. This news is very relevant to both the sociology of education and the topic of globalisation. The ‘banning’ of foreign companies is part of a broader Chinese-strategy to…

  • Disengagement as Evidence of Secularization

    Within the secularization debate, disengagement is the process of religious institutions becoming less involved in political and social life. It is the general withdrawing of religious institutions from wider society. If we take a long term view and compare the role of the church in British society today with its role in medieval times, religious…

  • Stephen Hawking Against Neoliberalism!

    Stephen Hawking this week accused the Conservative government of damaging the NHS by slashing funding, weakening the health service though privatization, demoralizing staff by curbing pay and cutting social care support. Hawking blamed a raft of policies pursued since 2010 by the coalition and then the Conservatives for enfeebling the NHS and leaving it unable…

  • Neoliberalism in Conservative and New Labour Education Policy (1979-1997)

    The resurgence of neoliberalism between 1979 to 1997 resulted in a rolling back of the collectivist principles of welfare state and a return to Victorian era individualsim, a reassertion of the twin pillars of individual liberty defined as freedom to choose and market forces, or the discipline of competition. Throughout this period, conservative economic policy…

  • The Privatisation of Education

    A summary of endogenous and exogenous privatisation in England and Wales since the 1988 Education Act, and evaluations.

  • Globalisation and Education

    This post explores five ways in which globalisation has changed education in the U.K. including increased competition for jobs from people abroad, the increasing influence of global ICT companies, and increasing multiculturalism in education.