Category: Globalisation

  • The 2022 World Cup and LGBTQ rights

    The 2022 football world cup in Qatar has caused controversy because Qatar does not recognise same sex marriage or civil partnerships whereas European nation states tend to do so. To my mind this year’s world cup has been overshadowed by politics and it’s shone a light on how little global consensus there is over the […]

  • Why Did Liz Truss’ Budget do so Much Damage…?

    The Tory U-turn on its disastrous tax-cutting mini budget demonstrates how little power the British government has in relation to the forces of economic globalisation

  • Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine – A Grim Reminder of the Limits of Globalisation?

    The Russian State’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine is both a grim reminder of the power of nation states and local/ ethnic politics, but also an illustration of how even Russia isn’t immune from increasing globalisation. Maybe the later point offers us some hope of an early end to this war? The very fact that Putin […]

  • An end to U.S. Nation Building, but what does that mean?

    A criticism of ‘optimist’ views of globalisation

  • What is Global Britain?

    What will be Britain’s post-Brexit role in the world? Does leaving the EU mean we are now free to forge more truly ‘global relationship’ with other countries and regions in other parts of the world? This is an important question for students studying the A-level option in Global Development and should be of general interest […]

  • Is Globalization in Reverse?

    in this post I consider some recent examples which seem to suggest that globalisation is going into reverse. I also evaluate each of these pieces of evidence. Personally, I’m not convinced that there is any strong evidence of a reversal in globalisation! Brexit At first sight, Brexit might seem to be evidence of anti-global attitudes, […]

  • Land inequality as a barrier to Development

    A recent report by Oxfam highlights the problem of the increasing concentration of land ownership into the hands of corporate global agribusinesses. Historically land ownership in the colonial period was very unequal, it became more equal in the post-colonial era due to various land-reform programmes, but since the 1980s land ownership has become more unequal […]

  • A Covid vaccine for the rich, but not the poor?

    Moderna is a BioTech company that has had some recent success with a covid-19 vaccine in clinical trials – vaccine mRNA 1273. There’s a video about it here: Moderna says it has the capacity to produce 1 billion shots of the vaccine in 2021 and has already sold most of those shots to rich governments, […]

  • The Economic Consequences of Coronavirus (part 1)

    what are the economic consequences of covid-19?

  • Global Radio

    One of the upsides of being on lockdown is that I discovered Radio Garden (which I keep referring to in my head as ‘lockdown radio’). Radio Garden is a navigable world map of the world’s local and national radio stations. You can browse the globe for literally thousands of radio stations, represented as green dots, […]