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  • Age and the Life Course

    ageing is socially constructed, to an extent, shaped by social norms, the age structure and generation experiences.

  • Are there really fewer covid-19 cases in poorer countries?

    According to this New York Times heat map, Covid-19 cases seem to be much more prevalent per capita in developed countries compared to developing countries… The counts are especially high in America, Europe and South America doesn’t fair too well either. But the count per capita is much lower in Sub-Saharan Africa. Analysis from Brookings…

  • What is Crime?

    What is crime? An introduction to crime and deviance for A-level sociology

  • Good videos showing the social construction of childhood

    Below are some relatively recent examples of documentary video evidence which demonstrate how attitudes to children vary across cultures, supporting the view that childhood is socially constructed. This post has been written primarily for students studying the families and households module within A-level sociology Child Brides In India, teenage girls aged 14-15 are sometimes pressurized…

  • Coronavirus Media Narratives

    While Coronavirus is no doubt a real-life event, with real-life social and (for an extreme minority tragic) individual consequences, it is also very much a media event, especially since isolation is correlated with a significant increase our media consumption with news sites especially seeing a surge in visits (U.S. data)… Social media usage (Facebook, Twitter,…

  • The social construction of crime

    whether an act is criminal or not is determined by social processes. Crime is not a universal or objective phenomenon – it varies over time and across societies depending on the laws which are constructed by people.

  • Why has Police Recorded Crime Doubled in Three Years?

    The number of violent crimes and sex offences recorded by police in England and Wales have more than doubled in the last four years. This is an excellent article by the BBC summarising this trend, with a pretty shocking embedded video in which reporters witness two serious crimes: one ‘moped mugging’ and another just ‘regular’…

  • Is the Surge in Hate Crime just due to an Increase in Reporting?

    Has there been an increase in hate crime since Brexit? The Number of hate crimes reported to the police in England and Wales between 2012-13 and 2016-17 jumped by 90%, but is this because of an actual, underlying increase in hate crime incidents (or the seriousness of incidents that would warrant reporting), or is it…

  • The Criminals in the House of Lords

    The Criminals in the House of Lords

    Lord Bassam, Labour’s soon to be chief whip in the House of Lords has just agreed to repay £41 000 in expenses. The peer claimed a remarkable £260 000 over seven years to cover the cost of his accommodation in London, despite the fact that during that time, he commuted daily to his accommodation in…

  • News Values

    News values are criteria journalists used to decide whether an event is newsworthy.