Gender and Education – Knowledge Check List

Last Updated on May 11, 2016 by Karl Thompson

Main Sub Topics
·         Gender and Differential Educational Achievement.

·         Why are girls outperforming boys?

·         Why are boys ‘underachieving’ compared to girls?

·         Gender and Subject Choice

·         Why do girls and boys choose different subjects?

·         The extent to which processes within school reinforce traditional masculine and feminine ‘gender identities’

Selected Concepts you Need to Know  

  • Feminism
  • The gender gap
  • Service sector
  • Primary socialisation
  • Crisis of masculinity
  • Feminisation of education
  • Gendered subject domains
  • Male gaze
  • Gender stereotyping
  • Ladette culture
  • Anti-school subculture
  • Pro school subculture
  • Verbal abuse
  • Gender identity

Selected Short Answer Questions

  • Define the term ‘crisis of masculinity’ (2)
  • Using one example explain how traditional gender-identities might be reinforced within education (2)
  • Outline three in-school factors which might influence the subjects which girls and boys choose (6)
  • Outline and briefly explain how two external factors have resulted in girls outperforming boys’ in education (10)
Possible (QUITE NASTY) Essay Questions
Assess the argument that the feminisation of education is main reason for male underachievement in education (20)

Assess the view that the gender gap in education has been over exaggerated (20)


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