Social Class and Educational Achievement – Knowledge Check List

Main Sub-Topics

  • Intro – How achievement varies by social class background
  • Material deprivation and educational achievement.
  • Cultural deprivation theory and educational achievement
  • Cultural capital theory and educational achievement
  • In school processes and how these effect achievement
  • How education policies affect educational achievement by social class

Selected Key Concepts

  • Social Class
  • Educational Attainment
  • Cultural Deprivation
  • Immediate Gratification
  • Deferred Gratification
  • Elaborated Speech Code
  • Restricted Speech Code
  • Fatalistic
  • NEETs
  • Material Deprivation
  • Social Capital
  • Material Capital
  • The Ideal Pupil
  • Counter School Culture
  • Streaming
  • Compensatory Education

Selected Short Answer Questions

  • Define what is meant by the term ‘material deprivation’ (2)
  • Using one example explain how cultural deprivation effects educational achievement (2)
  • Outline three ways in which material deprivation can affect educational achievement (6)
  • Outline and briefly explain two ways in which cultural capital can give an advantage to some pupils in education (10)

Selected Essay Questions

  • Assess the argument that cultural factors are more important that material factors when explaining social class and achievement. (20)
  • Assess the view that home factors are more important than in-school factors when explaining differential achievement by social class (20)

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