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  • Methods in Context Essay Template

    A suggested template for the Methods in Context Question on one of the AQA’s 7191 (1)education and methods in context sample exam papers – the template should work for most Method in Context questions, but it won’t work for all of them (it’ll fit less well for secondary data MIC questions) Question: 06 Read Item […]

  • AS Sociology Exam Advice (AQA)

    A brief podcast I put together which provides an overview of the two AS Sociology exams (AQA syllabus)     Final Assessment of AS Sociology – 2 Exam Papers Paper 7191 (1) 90 minutes, 60 marks Education and Methods in Context Paper 7191 (2) – 90 minutes, 60 marks Research Methods and Families and Households […]

  • Social Class and Educational Achievement Essay Plan

    Evaluate the extent to which home based, rather than school – based factors account for social class based differences in educational achievement (30)   Focusing on home background initially, we can look at how material and cultural factors might affect a child’s education. The lower classes are more likely to suffer from material deprivation at […]

  • AS Sociology 7191 – Families and Households – A Visual Overview

    Here’s a quick visual overview of how I’m intending to teach the new (although not that new given the relatively minor changes made) AS Sociology AQA 7191 Families and Households Option. (Click to enlarge/ save). NB – This isn’t in the same order as the Scheme of Work on the AQA’s web site, but the […]