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Contemporary Sociology: The poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal by the Russian State

The recent ‘russian spy poisoning’ is relevant to many areas of the A-level sociology specification, such as state-crime, globalisation and even consensus and conflict theory. Continue reading

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Family and Household Diversity Update 2018

Today I’ve been messing around with creating ‘fact sheets’… it could do with a few tweaks, but I thought I’d bung this out there… It’s designed to be printed in A3! Hence the font size ten.  

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Hijabs in Schools: Fostering Division?

In 2017, St Stephen’s School in Newham banned the wearing of the Hijab for girls under 8. The Head Teacher, Neena Lall, did so because she hoped the ban would help pupils better integrate into society. However, following a backlash … Continue reading

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The legalisation of Pot in California

Sociological perspectives on the legalization of marijuana in California and other states Continue reading

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Sociomaterial Perspectives on the self in digital networks

Sociomaterial perspectives hold that datafication via digital devices (both personal and public) are fundamentally  intertwined with the way we construct our identities and ‘practice selfhood’, so much so that it is more accurate to say that today we ‘live in … Continue reading

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What is Reliability?

Reliability is the consistency of a measure of a concept. There are three factors researchers generally use to assess reliability: stability, internal reliability and inter-rater reliability
Continue reading

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Outline three functions which education might perform for society (6)

This is an  example of a relatively straight forward 6 mark question which might appear on the AQA’s A level paper 1 (7192/1). If you require a more detailed breakdown of paper 1 please click here. The basic approach to … Continue reading

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Is There a Crisis in Youth Mental Ill Health?

Girls are more than twice as likely to report mental health problems as boys Poor girls are nearly twice as likely to report mental health problems than rich girls. One in four teenage girls believe they are suffering from depression, … Continue reading

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Explaining South Korea’s Development #1

Korea was a Japanese Colony from 1910 to 1945, providing food and fuel for the ‘motherland’. Following the fall of the Japanese Empire at the end of World War II, Korea was divided along the 38th parallel into North and … Continue reading

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ExxonMobil – The Worst Corporation in the World?

ExxonMobil is the world’s largest oil and gas corporation – its main ‘business lines’ involve producing a range of fuels for cars, planes and ships, as well the technologies surrounding the extraction and refining of these fuels. ExxonMobil: Key Facts … Continue reading

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