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  • Age and the Life Course

    ageing is socially constructed, to an extent, shaped by social norms, the age structure and generation experiences.

  • Why don’t young people like the Monarchy?

    Young people are twice as likely to NOT support the monarch as old people, but why is this?

  • Britain’s Ageing Population – Is it a Problem?

    This post provides an overview of statistics on Britain’s ageing population before looking at some of the problems associated with this trend, including the increased strain on health services and increased burden on young people. It also asks whether the ageing population is actually a problem or not? Statistics on the Ageing Population In 1998,…

  • Who uses New Media?

    Who uses New Media?

    What are the patterns of new-media usage in the UK by age, social class, gender. Is there still a digital divide?

  • Applying material from the item, analyse two reasons why younger people are generally less religious than older people

    This is one possible example of a 10 mark ‘with item’ question which could come up in the AQA’s A level sociology paper 2: topics in sociology (section B: beliefs in society option).  Read the item, and then answer the question below. Item Older people are more likely to both attend church and express religious…

  • Why are older people more religious than younger people?

    Older people are more religious than younger people, as measure by religious participation and religions belief. This post explores three reasons why this might be. The biological affect of ageing It seem ‘natural’ to assume that as people get older and closer to death, they become more interested in what happens after they die, which…

  • Religion and Age

    Religion and Age

    This post presents an examination of the relationship between religious belief, religious participation and age. Younger people tend to be less religious than older  people Recent (2018) research by PEW compared the religious beliefs and practices of 18-39 year olds with those aged 40 and over. They found that younger people are less religious than…

  • Twitter Users by Occupation and Social Class

    The middle classes and especially those in creative industries are more likely to be on twitter, but finding this out is more difficult than you might think, at least according to some recent research: Who Tweets?: Deriving the Demographic Characteristics of Age, Occupation and Social Class from Twitter User Meta-Data This post is a brief…