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  • The neophiliac perspective on new media

    Neophiliacs argue that the internet and social media have been beneficial to society and individuals. New Media have created more opportunities for individuals to find information, offered individuals greater choice and freedom, provided new ways for people to interact with each other, and ultimately resulted in more people challenging the powerful and economic growth. This…

  • The postmodern perspective on globalisation and popular culture

    Postmodernists see the media as central to globalisation and emphasise the positive effects media globalisation has on society. Before reading this post you might like to review the concepts of postmodernity and postmodernism and globalisation. More individual choice The globalisation of the media means that people are now more aware of hundreds of diverse cultures…

  • The cultural pessimist view of the new media

    Cultural pessimists point to the possible downsides of the New Media such as the rise of Fake News, domination of a few media companies, the rise of echo-chambers, the reinforcing of elite power and increasing commercialisation. Cultural pessimists criticise the cultural optimist view of new media. More information is not necessarily a good thing There…

  • Who uses New Media?

    Who uses New Media?

    What are the patterns of new-media usage in the UK by age, social class, gender. Is there still a digital divide?