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  • Statistics on Same Sex Marriage and Civil Partnerships

    This post explores the similarities and differences in marriage and civil partnership between same sex and opposite sex couples in England and Wales. It has been written to fit in with the A-level Sociology families and households specification. This table from the the Government Equality Office outlines some of the legal differences between marriage and…

  • Changes to childhood since Victorian Times

    How has childhood in the UK changed since the 19th Century, and have these changes been positive?

  • Statistics on Family Life in the United Kingdom

    This post outlines some of the ‘key facts’ students should know for the A-level sociology families and households topics. The statistics below are taken from range of different topics covered as part of the families and households specification (AQA focus), and I find it useful to introduce students to them as part of the ‘introduction…

  • Political Lesbianism

    Political Lesbianism

    The main idea of Political Lesbianism is that sexuality is a choice. It’s about rejecting heterosexuality and men, not necessarily about having sex with women. It is one of the key ideas of Radical Feminism, although keep in mind that this is extreme, and not representative of all Radical Feminists! According to Julie Bindel the…

  • How to get an A* in A-level Sociology (Paper 2: Families and Households section only)

    How to get an A* in A-level Sociology (Paper 2: Families and Households section only)

    Drawing on marked exemplars from the AQA exam board this post unpicks what you need to do to get and A* in the the AQA’s topics in sociology paper (7192/2) – for section A only, families and households option

  • UK Poverty Trends 1996 – 2017

    UK Poverty Trends 1996 – 2017

    How do we explain the long term decline in UK Poverty rate, and its more recent increase?

  • AS Sociology – how to Answer ‘using one example, briefly explain’ questions

    Question 2 on the AS sociology paper 2 exam (research methods with topics in sociology) will ask you to briefly explain something using one example. Below are a few examples of how you might go about answering such questions, using the families and households topic as an example… Using one example briefly explain what is…

  • What is the Family?

    Functionalist sociologists tended to define the family as consisting of two parents in a committed relationship,living together with their children. Postmodern and other sociologists have much broader definitions.

  • The Personal Life Perspective on the Family

    The Personal Life Perspective: dogs and dead relatives are part of the family too!

  • Marxist Feminist Perspectives on Family Life

    Marxists such as Engels and Zaretsky acknowledge that women are exploited in marriage and family life, but they emphasise the relationship between capitalism and the family, rather than the family’s effects on women. Marxist feminists use Marxist concepts, but they see the exploitation of women as they key feature of family life. The reproduction of…