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Assess the claim that ‘ethnic difference in educational achievement are primarily the result of school factors’ (30)

An essay on ethnicity and education written for the A Level Sociology paper 1 exam, AQA focus.  It’s hopefully obvious that what’s below is ‘overkill’ – for a simpler version of the essay and with the skills (knowledge, analysis, evaluation) … Continue reading

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Crime and Deviance Exam Practice Questions (10 markers)

The ten mark question on crime and deviance in the A Level Sociology Crime and Deviance/ Theory and Methods paper will ask you outline and analyse something. Below are a few exemplars (well, one for now, more to follow!) I … Continue reading

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Left Realist Criminology

As a response to the increasing influence of Right Realism, Left Realism was developed by Jock Young, John Lea and Roger Matthews. Left Realism is related to Marxism and the New Criminology, but tries to focus on finding practical ways … Continue reading

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