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  • Why has moped-enabled crime declined?

    the decline of moped-enabled theft seems to support the view that right realist crime control techniques are effective

  • Jailing Drill Musicians – justified, or a moral panic?

    Jailing Drill Musicians – justified, or a moral panic?

    In January two ‘drill’ musicians from the Brixton group 410 were effectively jailed for playing a particular song: ‘Attempted 1.0’. Two artists from the group, Skengdo and AM, both received 9-month suspended sentences for performing this song. Here it is with lyrics: It’s still up as of 20th Feb…. I don’t how much longer it…

  • The nationwide expansion of drug gangs

    The nationwide expansion of drug gangs

    Drug gangs are expanding their operations from large city centres such as London, Birmingham and Manchester into smaller towns and rural areas. To do so they are using a new business model referred to as ‘county lines’ – dedicated mobile phone drug deal lines which local drug dealers in smaller towns can use to order…

  • Contemporary sociology: how should we tackle the increase in knife crime?

    Contemporary sociology: how should we tackle the increase in knife crime?

    knife crime in London seems to be increasing rapidly, but how would left and right realists tackle this? Or is this all just a moral panic?

  • Are cuts to community policing making it harder to prevent terrorism?

    Government cuts to community policing have made it harder to prevent terror attacks, at least according to Ed Davey, the Shadow Home Secretary, as stated in an interview on C4 News (Sunday 17th Sept 2017). Robert Quick, Britain’s former counter-terrorism chief agrees. Back in June he said “Counter-terrorism funding is ring fenced but cuts to…

  • Evaluating Broken Windows Theory

    Broken Windows Theory suggests that high levels of physical disorder such as litter, graffiti, vandalism, or people engaged in Anti-Social Behaviour will result in higher crime rates. Broken Windows Theory is one aspect of the Right Realist approach to criminology The evidence supporting Broken Windows Theory is somewhat mixed This 2008 ‘£5 Note Theft and…

  • Right Realist Criminology

    Right Realism believes individuals make a rational choice to commit crime, and emphasises tough control measures to reduce crime – such as zero tolerance policing.

  • Left Realist Criminology

    Left realists believe the main causes of crime are marginalisation, relative deprivation and subcultures, and emphasise community oriented programmes for controlling and reducing crime.

  • The Underclass Theory of Crime

    An American Sociologist Charles Murray (1989) first coined the term ‘the underclass’ to refer to that group of people in America who were long term unemployed and effectively welfare dependent. In the late 1980s he argued that the first generation of underclass were then having children and socialising the next generation of children into a…